This is MY Place

No words are needed to describe who rules the roost.

Bald eagles are so feared by some specie of bird that even poor facsimiles are enough to keep the others at bay.

One such eagle-adverse bird is the goose. The eagle in the first shot flew out over a corner of the lake and every bird on the water took flight. 
Both eagle and flock are visible here.

There are three varieties of geese in this lift off: Canadian, Snow and Tule (or White Front). 

Note not just the geese but the light and dark bands of green. This is why farmers put fake bald eagles on sprouting fields. Here the fields are managed by the Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Where they feed on the Refuge isn't as critical as it is away from the lake. Theses fields are intended to host the birds. Note the contrast of white against the cliffs. Those are Snow Geese.

A quick honk of the car horn gets most of these birds to look up. Again, parts of the field are nearly barren and others are still quite green - all from where the geese choose to feed.

This appeared to be a tern but didn't match up in my iBird app. Anybody know?

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  1. Thanks to reader Natalie - the bird is a gull - Bonaparte Gull. Summers in the far north and winters well south.