Tucked away on a local county road to seemingly nowhere, we came across quite a mesmerizing playground of imaginative creatures.

The skeleton of a VW underpins this bit of whimsy. Even the local finches approve.

Lacking only snow, steel eyed sportsmen stood frozen but ready.

12' tall penguins, dragonflies the size of small helicopters, nightmarishly long wiener dogs, giant inchworms, oversized crickets, pastel dinosaurs and so much more.

What held my eye the longest? This old 1949 Ford Ready-Mixed Concrete truck, which was very close in year to the first mixers that our family owned. The story behind all this creative iron is a rock, sand and concrete manufacturer called Packway Materials and a man that spends his slow winters creating great folk art. If you thought some of the other places mentioned in the blog have been out of the way, go see where this place is on the adjoining map link on the sidebar.

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